Training Overview

On-site and virtual classroom training is available

Driving operations performance by rapidly responding to constant volatility and real world variances in demand, supply, product, and daily operations requires not only the right software solution, but also a user community with the expertise to deploy it to its fullest potential.

Kinaxis® provides training courses during your RapidResponse® implementation and deployment phase. This helps to ensure that you receive the best value and wide user adoption from your RapidResponse investment.

Additionally, Kinaxis offers post-deployment training. This training is available in instructor-led courses at your site or at the Kinaxis training facilities in Ottawa, Canada. All courses are also available for delivery through a virtual classroom. The virtual classroom is a cost-effective way to provide the best training to more members of your team. The training is delivered over the Internet and led by a Kinaxis instructor, and allows for student-instructor interaction, providing all the value of an in-person classroom training session.

For RapidResponse users who prefer self-study or for those who cannot participate in instructor-led classes, Kinaxis provides some of its courses in a pre-recorded e-Learning format that is delivered over the Internet from the Kinaxis Supply Chain Expert Community.

Kinaxis training facilities

700 Silver Seven Road
Ottawa, ON K2V 1C3
+1 613.592.5780